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I have worked for the B2B hospitality industry for the last 16 years. I’ve played roles in Advertising, Marketing and Branding. Some positions I held were Senior Imaging Technician, Scanner Operator, Digital Photographer, Digital Video Producer, Prepress Supervisor, Senior Graphic Designer for print and web.

My experience has lead me to become a freelance digital artist and small business owner. Having 16 years of corporate experience, I’ve created and developed for big/small business so I know what to expect from these types of projects. I am very motivated and I produce with the end in mind.

As for my small business, I help protect the legal rights and identities of families, small businesses, and commercial drivers through a portfolio of products we offer. I specialize in the small business and employee benefits divisions, where I can affordably help protect and grow a business, and provide a voluntary benefit to employees at no out-of-pocket expense to employers.

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